Born in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1994.

After graduating from the Japanese painting course at Kyoto University of Art and Design, he proceeded to the master's course at the same university and completed it.

Currently based in Kyoto.

I mainly draw on painting materials used in Japanese painting such as mineral pigments,Chinese ink, and nikawa.


2018 M.F.A Painting, Kyoto University of Art and Design

2018 Graduation work Exhibition, Excellent prize, Kyoto

2018 KUAD ANNUAL2018 Schrodinger's Cat Exhibition, Tokyo

2018 Gashinten2018-Selection Vol 15 Exhibition, Excellent prize, Tokyo

2019 The 17th ZENten Exhibition, Painting department, Excellent prize, Tokyo

2020 Artistsʼ Fair Kyoto 2020, Kyoto

2020 IAG AWARDS 2020, Tokyo

2020 ANKNOWN ASIA 2020 ONLNE, Reviewer prize